On Board Processor

  • Real Time Control System that handles higher resolution mathematical operations for functions of Guidance and control, mission sequencing and Telemetry data generation
  • Controls and commands both pre-flight and in-flight operations
  • Designed / Manufactured for very high reliability operation under severe flight environment
  • Single Board computer based on Intel 80486DX2 Processor.
  • Memory - 2MB Flash memory, 512KB EPROM, 2MB SRAM, 8KB NVRAM
  • Peripherals - Programmable Timers and Interrupt Controllers
  • External Interface - 32 Analog Inputs, 12 Analog Outputs, 16 Opto-isolated Discrete Inputs, 14 Opto-isolated Discrete O/Ps & 2 RS- 422 Ports
  • Rigid-flex-Rigid board with thermal overlay
  • Fully MIL standard qualified: MIL-STD-810D/E/F, MIL-STD-461D/E, MIL-STD-704D etc.

    On Board Computer

  • On-board Computer performs various airborne functions like Control, Guidance and in-flight sequencing as well as Telemetry Data posting.
  • Carries out the health checks of onboard systems during Integration checks
  • Miniaturized sub-system having adequate memory and high speed computing capabilities occupying minimum space & having minimum weight.
  • Based on PowerPC MPC5200B with Flash Memory, SDRAM and NVRAM
  • 3 MIL-STD-1553B channels
  • 16 Bipolar differential Analog Inputs with voltage protectors, 16-bit resolution (-10V to 10V)
  • 8 Bipolar Analog Outputs (DAC channels), 12-bit (-10V to l0V)
  • 12 Discrete Input channels with opto-isolation
  • 14 Opto-isolated Discrete Output channels with relay drivers
  • 4 RS-422 ports
  • Rigid-flex-Rigid board

    High Speed Recording System

  • The Airborne Recording System (ARS) is a high-speed recording and playback system intended to be used for airborne applications
  • Playback the recorded synchronized streams of data in real time
  • Capacity: A minimum of 2 TB (expandable up to 4 TB)
  • Data interface: High speed serial Interface on VXS Backplane
  • Data Transfer Rate: 600MB/sec
  • Input: 28V DC, 115V / 400Hz, 1-Φ AC
  • Output: Necessary Power Supplies for the operation of other functional modules within the ARS

    Data Transfer Unit

  • DTU is a compact, rugged, self-contained data transfer unit
  • Used on the MiG27 Avionics system for as the Mission Preparation & Retrieval Unit
  • Designed to store and retrieve data from industry standard PCMCIA/ATA Flash Memory cards through RS-422/RS-232C interface
  • CEMILAC Certified, CEMILAC Type Approval

    PowerPC based Single Board Computer

  • 6U VPX Conduction Cooled SBC & 2 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Low Power MPC8548 processor based. & 128MB Flash, 8GB NAND, 16MB NVRAM
  • 2 XMC/PMC Sites. & Linux/Integrity BSP
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM, 2 Serial Ports