Embedded Systems

  • Analogue, Digital, Mixed Signal designs with various Microprocessors (x86, PowerPC, DSPs, ARM …), Hardware Platforms (VPX, cPCI, VME, Custom …), and Communication Protocols (1553, ARINC, Ethernet, USB …).

  • FPGA / PLD / IP Core design & implementation on Various Platforms.

  • Design Verification & Validation.

  • Complex multilayer PCB design including thermo bonding, thermal overlay, embedded metal core, etc.

  • Firmware & Embedded Application Software development on various software platforms (Windows Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS, etc).

  • System Design including Mechanical Enclosures, Thermal and Reliability Analysis, Engineering, Prototyping.

ATE and Data Acquisition

  • Configuration of Test / Data Acquisition Systems with industry standard COTS and customised interfacing solutions,

  • Test software development on LabWindows/CVI, Labview, LabviewRT, C++/VC++, etc.

  • Test Bench / Rigs for integration of LRUs

  • System Interface design, cabling, signal conditioning, etc.

  • Design and Development of Special to Type Test Equipment for LRUs – ‘O’, ‘I’ and ‘D’ level

Electronics Manufacturing / Military Production

  • Manufacturing and qualification processes complying with military standards

  • Preparation of customised Jigs, Fixtures, Cable Looms & Harness, Test set-ups

  • Efficient supply chain management brazilian virgin hair uk

  • Environmental Stress Screening and Military Standard qualification

Engineering Services

  • Ruggedisation through structural, thermal and reliability analysis

  • Indigenisation / Upgradation of existing systems

  • Obsolescence handling at component, sub-system and system level

  • Technical Publication conforming to Mil Standards

  • Computer based training, simulators