Radar Sub-Systems

    IQ Card for MMR Radar

  • 6U VME Board based on Virtex-II FPGA
  • High Speed Analog to digital conversion
  • Algorithms implemented in FPGA for computing and correcting I & Q imbalance, absolute I, Q Values and Clutter Counts

    LVDS Card for MMR Radar

  • 6U VME Board based on Virtex-II FPGA
  • Handles 4 digitized I, Q data channels
  • Multiplexes input data and outputs on LVDS lines using logic implemented on FPGA

    Video Conversion Unit

  • Inputs STANAG-3350B standard RGB video at RS-170 levels
  • Converts RGB inputs to PAL standards
  • Provides Luminance (Y), Chrominance (C) and Composite Video (Y/C) outputs
  • Provision for varying Gain of the output Video

Wideband Recorder

High-speed recording and playback system used for avionics applications. The system is capable of recording data of IF range of 70MHz with 40MHz bandwidth. Provides solid state disk storage of 4TB that enables recording of data for 4 hours duration. Has provision of real time playback of recorded data.

  • Recording & playback of IF signals up to 700 MHz
  • Signal bandwidths to a maximum of 40 MHz (± 20MHz)
  • Three 200 MHz 16−bit A/D converters
  • Two 800 MHz 16−bit D/A converters
  • 19” Rack Mountable 4U Unit.
  • Digitize and record the complex data.
  • 4TB Solid state Disk which provides recording capacity for 4hrs.
  • Recording of synchronized digital streams of video and data
  • Playback of recorded synchronized streams of data in real time.
  • Analog Replay of the recorded signal at 70MHz IF.
  • Based on 3U VPX Single Board Computer
  • VPX chassis with suitable power supply / Backplane