Given the specifications for customised system requirements, AutoTEC has over the years developed a number of on-board Avionics Systems and Products using variety of microprocessors and controllers designed on various hardware platforms, handling analog, digital, RF and mixed signal inputs and outputs. The product development experience has involved design and development of complex multi-layer boards as well as mechanical enclosures, confirming to critical specifications of structural, thermal and reliability requirements. The products and systems have featured multi-protocol avionics communication interfaces, FPGA/PLD implementation, firmware and embedded application software developed on various platforms.

With the know-how and experience of military life cycle process, systems are manufactured and qualified to military standards adhering to stringent quality and certification processes. With its expertise in design, development and manufacturing of on-board computing systems, AutoTEC has developed several customised products and also contributed to prestigious programs in association with DRDO and DPSU establishments.

Airborne Encoder Decoder Airborne Encoder Decoder UAV Sub-Systems
Telemetry Encoder Unit Telemetry Encoder Unit UAV Sub-Systems
Digital Engine Control Unit Digital Engine Control Unit UAV Sub-Systems
Multi Functional Display Multi Functional Display Avionics
Data Transfer Unit Data Transfer Unit Avionics
Airborne High Speed Recording System Airborne High Speed Recording System Avionics
Aircraft Interface Box Aircraft Interface Box Avionics
External Pilot Console External Pilot Console UAV Sub-Systems
Display Processor Rig Display Processor Rig ATE
Test Bench Simulator Test Bench Simulator ATE
Loop Back Testers Loop Back Testers STTE
Loop Back Testers Loop Back Testers STTE
RWR Test Station RWR Test Station STTE
VPX Single Board Computer VPX Single Board Computer STTE
cPCI Single Board Computer cPCI Single Board Computer STTE
XMC Based Avionics Modules XMC Based Avionics Modules STTE
On-Board Processor On-Board Processor On-Board Electronics