Embedded systems use both computer hardware and software and are mainly designed to work for a specific purpose to complete tasks in efficient form. Embedded systems are designed to work within larger systems where there could be zero or no human intervention. These systems sometimes can work with/without complex GUIs interfaced through sensors and can be operated remotely in a secured environment.

AutoTEC builds high–end software for microcontrollers and microprocessors using our extensive (more than 100 man years) experience in defense embedded hardware design and development, and our skills in RTOS, Linux, and C/C++/Qt programming languages. Our target markets include Indian Defense Sector and Industrial Automation. Our software satisfies the requirements for reliability and performance and adheres to defence software engineering standards.

What we do?

We take care of low-level firmware development. We also engage with the redesign and debugging projects where you need to optimize the performance (latency, boot-time, power, and memory) of your existing firmware. As a firmware development company, we have extensive experience with hardware, operating systems, low-level diagnostic and performance tools. Such experience allows us to build projects faster and achieve higher performance. We've designed firmware for defence electronics and using defence communication protocols such as ARINC429 and MIL1553B.

We can also offer firmware development services for 8, 16, and 32-Bit microprocessors/microcontrollers produced by the most popular semiconductor vendors including Atmel, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP (Freescale), STMicroelectronics, Renesas, MicroChip, Tensilica, Texas Instruments (TI) and others. We design both bare-metal and RTOS-based firmware.