With the know-how and experience of military life-cycle process AutoTEC has successfully handled production of many on-board computing systems with Build-to-Print orders, adhering to stringent quality and certification processes.

AutoTEC has dedicated area for manufacturing activities with a dedicated team of well experienced engineers and technicians handling electronics assembly, wiring and testing; mechanical assemblies; quality control.

AutoTEC has in-house facilities of:

  • Optical Inspection systems
  • Temperature Controlled Soldering/Re-Work stations
  • Test and Measuring Instruments
  • Conformal Coating and UV Inspection systems
  • Height Gauge/Surface tables, Drilling and Grinding Machines
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Temperature and Humidity chamber
  • Vibration Shaker

Some of the systems produced for prestigious programs of DRDO and DPSU establishments are showcased below:

On-Board Computer On-Board Computer
Integrated Avionics Modules Integrated Avionics Modules
SoC On-Board Computer SoC On-Board Computer
NAV Module NAV Module
Missile Launch Processor Missile Launch Processor
Power Supply Relay Unit Power Supply Relay Unit
DLTx Isolation Box DLTx Isolation Box
NAV Processor Card NAV Processor Card